Method Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an earliest health care practice that has been practiced in india for thousands of years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge).
Though Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, was documented in the sacred historical texts referred to as the Vedas many centuries ago, Ayurveda has evolved over the years and is currently integrated with different ancient practices, including yoga.
According to Ayurvedic theory, everything in the earth living or not is connected. Noble fitness is achieved once your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe. A disruption of this harmony can result in poor health and illness.


This is a type of body massage done using an appropriate herbal or medicated oil. It may be done for the entire body or a specific part such as the head, feet or joint etc. Its main purpose is to lubricate the body parts and pacify vata dosha.
Massaging the whole body with warm medicated oil by scientific method is called ABHYANGA.
This is an only procedure which can be performed everyday in every age. It increases the skin Aura, Strengthens body tissues, Softens the skin, Maintains the Health, Sustains the youth.

Lean & Thin people, Dryness of skin, Insomnia, Obesity (Dry Massage- Udvartana), Loss of apetite, Paralysis, Fatigue, Arthritis, Joint pain, And Pre-treatment for panchkarma.

Sweden (Steam Bath)

The Steam of medicated water helps opening fine pores on skin allowing the natural excretion path and heat of steam dilates the blood vessels allowing more blood to pass through muscles which supplies more nourishment. Swedan is done majorly in two ways – Sarvang (whole body) and Sthanik (local) with respect to the Panchakarma therapy.



The kapha toxins accumulated in the body and also the respiratory tract are effectively removed by Vamana, one of the five therapies of Panchakarma in Ayurveda. Vamana is therapeutic vomiting, which is a medicated vomiting therapy. People with high imbalance of kapha are given this kind of treatment, which loosens and mobilizes the toxins, in an effort to eliminate them from the body. Waste products (vitiated dosha) are eliminated through the upper gastrointestinal tract. The vitiated kapha are eliminated through the mouth. After vomiting, the sinus is cleared, which in flip provides relief from congestion, wheezing and breathlessness. Know additional about Vamana therapy by going through the subsequent lines.


Virechana Therapy

Ayurveda, the science of life, emphasizes on the adoption of a number of preventative and healing therapies, which will purify and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. The medicinal type of science isn't simply a healing system, but additionally associate degree art of appropriate, healthy and disease-free living. It aims at increasing the longevity of people of all ages. One of the therapies of Ayurveda, Panchakarma encompasses five treatments that will prevent and heal variety of diseases. One of the kinds of Panchakarma is Virechana, a purification therapy.



One of the main procedures of Panchakarma Chikitsa, Basti karma concentrates on the elimination of the disentangled vata dosha out through the body part. The treatment involves the introduction of medicinal substances, such as, herbal oils and decoctions in a liquid medium, into the rectum of the person. This is because vata is preponderantly placed within the colon and bones. Herbal concoctions made of sesame oil are generally used for the purpose. Vata disorders can be effectively cured by Basti karma. Common cold, sexual disorders, constipation, distention, kidney, backache, pain in the neck region, vomiting and hyperacidity will additionally be cured by Basti karma.


Nasya Karma

One of the Panchakarmas mentioned in Ayurveda, Nasya therapy is a process whereby the drug (herbalized oils and liquid medicines) is administered through the nostrils. Since nose is the gateway of the head, the therapy is extremely effective in curing a number of diseases pertaining to the head, if it is performed systematically. The therapy cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby improving the process of oxygenation (prana), which has a direct influence on the functioning of brain. The therapy is beneficial if done on a regular basis, because it keeps the eyes, nose and ear healthy. It also prevents the early graying of hair and bear. Read on to grasp more about nasa fate, a therapy of Panchakarma.



This is a specialized therapy aimed to relieve ailments related to the head region. In this therapy, a stream of warm oil is poured on the centre of the forehead through a vessel at a uniform speed. The temperature and speed of the oil stream are kept constant during the therapy that goes on for 30 to 60 minutes.
In shirodhara gradually pouring of selected Medicated Oil, Decoctions, Milk, Sugar Cane juice, Butter Milk is done. The selection of the liquid depends upon person’s doshic predominance & constitution. The liquid is poured on the forehead allowing the oil to flow through the scalp & into the hair. The procedure is done from a specific height (3'-4') & for a specific time with a continuous & rhythmic flow of oil (DHARA).

Headache, Hyper tension, Dandruff, Grey hair, Sleeplessness, Paralysis, Mental disorders, Diseases of eye, Stress, Depression, Lack of confidence, Lack of concentration, Epilepsy, Dementia, Migraine, For relaxation of mind, To improve the function of 5 senses, To improve intelligence & To promote self esteem.

Raktamoksha Therapy

Raktamoksha therapy is one of the Panchakarmas of Ayurveda. Literally meaning Blood letting, Raktamoksha is performed to eliminate the toxins from the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract. It is a secure, painless and highly effective form of Panchakarma. Raktamoksha entails the refinement of blood, hence administered to treat disorders pertaining to skin, such as urticaria, rash, eczema, acne, scabies, leucoderma, chronic itching and hives. Enlarged liver, spleen, hemochromatosis and gout will additionally be cured by applying the blood letting therapy. The therapy develops the immune mechanism within the blood system by stimulating the nontoxic substances in the blood stream. Barring a few exceptions such as folks suffering from anemia, edema, weakness or those who are too young or too recent, everybody can opt for Raktamoksha therapy.


Shashti Shali Pind Sveda (Potali Massage)

This massage is done with special bags which contain either medicinal herbs or other nutritious items. The bags are heated in warm oil for few minutes and then are used for massaging the body. It is a great massage to relieve pain, reduce physical and mental stress, and nourish and rejuvenate the body.

Agni Karma

The word Agnikarma is made up of two words i.e., Agni and Karma. Agni, the musculine word derived from the root agigatau agyati agnayamna prapyanti. i.e., it gives the rebirth, is utilised to cure and prevent the diseases. Agni is the important one among the pancha mahabhutas. The Agni, in the form of bhootagni, jatharagni and dhatwagni is the life for the creatures. On the basis of the loka – purusha sadharmya, the Agni that exists in the body, possesses the same properties as that of Agni in the world. So any procedure that involves the Agni directly or indirectly is considered under agnikarma.
Importance of Agnikarma:
Agnikarma does not allow the diseases to reoccur, once they are treated by it. Agnikarma is superior to kshara by means of its action. Agnikarma is always utilised as the ultimate measure among the yantra, shastra, anushastra, kshara etc., because of its ability to cure those diseases also, which can’t be cured by the bheshaja, shastra and ksharakarma. Agnikarma is the ultimate measure for the haemostasis among the four raktasthambhana measures.

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